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We have located images with missing ALT attribute.
Number of images: 28
Missing alt tag: 27

List of images with missing ALT attributes:

  • /images/M_images/rating_star.png (20 locations)
  • /images/stories/asesor previsional jubilacion.jpg
  • /images/stories/jubilado.jpg
  • /images/stories/pensionado contento.jpg
  • /images/stories/pensionado feliz.jpg
  • /images/stories/simulador de pension.jpg
  • /images/stories/jubilacin chile.jpg
  • /images/stories/soluciones herencias.jpg
The "alt" attribute provides a text equivalent for the image. If the browser cannot display an image the alt description will be given in its place. Furthermore, some visitors cannot see images as they might be blind in which the alt tag provides a valuable image description. Finally, search engines utilize the alt attribute for image search indexing. (


We have found following title:


Length: 141 characters

Warning: The title is 141 characters long. The title should not exceed 80 characters.

The <TITLE> element provides a short piece of text describing the document. The title is very important as it shows in the window title bars, bookmarks and search results. Title should be between 60 to 80 characters long. (

Description Metatag

We have found following description:

"Trabajo con las buenas prácticas independiente AFP y aseguradoras, le conseguiré la mejor pensión posible de acuerdo a sus circunstancias e intereses"

Length: 149 characters
The description attribute should provide a concise explanation of a Web page's content. Also, the description is often displayed on search engine results and can indirectly affect page ranking.

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