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1,672,824 most visited website in the World Trend: down (+593,440)
120,516 most visited website in IN India
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CountryPercentDomain (ccTLD)Status
IN India88.4%smartmedicalbuyer.inNot available.
Registering country code top level domains (ccTLD) can prevent potential competitors from taking advantage of your primary domain reputation. It is also one of the ways to improve country specific SEO and performance. (


We have located images with missing ALT attribute.
Number of images: 75
Missing alt tag: 61

List of images with missing ALT attributes:

The "alt" attribute provides a text equivalent for the image. If the browser cannot display an image the alt description will be given in its place. Furthermore, some visitors cannot see images as they might be blind in which the alt tag provides a valuable image description. Finally, search engines utilize the alt attribute for image search indexing. (


We have found following title:

"Buy Medical Products, Supplies & Equipment at best price online in India|Smart Medical Buyer"

Length: 92 characters

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The <TITLE> element provides a short piece of text describing the document. The title is very important as it shows in the window title bars, bookmarks and search results. Title should be between 60 to 80 characters long. (

Description Metatag

We have found following description:

"India's Largest Online Store for Medical Products. Buy medical equipment, instruments, supplies & consumables online in India at the best price. Next day dispatch & free delivery."

Length: 179 characters

Warning: The description is 179 characters long. The optimal description should not exceed 160 characters (

The description attribute should provide a concise explanation of a Web page's content. Also, the description is often displayed on search engine results and can indirectly affect page ranking. (

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No Keywords Found.
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Text to HTML Ratio

The Text to HTML ratio is 20.63%
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Keyword Density & Consistency

Consistent Keywords % Density # Count T Title D Desc. H <H> A ALT B <b>
foley catheter0.47%16--15--
surgical tape0.44%15--15--
hand sanitizer0.44%15--14--
non sterile0.35%12--12--
sterile latex0.32%11--11--
dispo van syringe0.24%8--8--
smart medical buyer0.24%8--2--
paper surgical tape0.21%7--7--
cardioprint ecg paper0.18%6--6--
non sterile latex0.18%6--6--
Keywords density and consistency are notable factors for optimal page SEO. Preferred keywords should have higher keywords density indicating their importance. Optimally, preferred keywords should also be consistently utilized in multiple essential areas of the page such as title, description meta tag, h1 through h6 headings, alt image attributes, backlinks and internal links anchor text. Keyword density of above 5% is a good indication that the word or phrase appears too many time in the content.


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  • 1 <H1>
    • Shop for Medical Products, Instruments, Equipment & Supplies Online in India
  • 2 <H2>
    • Why buy Medical Consumables on Smart Medical Buyer?
    • Medical Store Online at Best Price
  • 54 <H3>
    • Comfrey Pullup Adult Diapers - Large
    • Niscomed Pulse Oximeter
    • 3M Opticlude
    • Microshield Hand Sanitizer
    • Enbee Disposable Alcohol Swab
    • BPL Accudigit E1 Infrared Thermometer - Ear Mode
    • Bellcross Powdered Latex Examination Gloves - Small
    • Datt Velkomp Compression Bandage
    • 3M Micropore Paper Surgical Tape, Bulk Pack
    • ATPL FT Infant Feeding Tube
    • Romsons BP-10 Blood Pressure Monitor
    • Becton Dickinson Insulin Syringe
    • Datt Velfour Venous Ulcer Bandaging System
    • Smith & Nephew Bactigras
    • ATPL Scalp Vein Set
    • Covidien Appose Skin Stapler
    • Romsons Nelaton Catheter
    • ATPL Ryles Tube
    • Ethicon Prolene Hernia Patch
    • Romsons Hypodermic Needle
    • Ethicon Vicryl Plus Polyglactin 910 Sutures
    • Divine India Vivon Sterile Gauze Swab
    • Friends Ultrathin Under Pad
    • Romsons Romo Jet Syringe With Needle 10ml
    • Absorbable Sutures
    • Nebulizer Machines
    • Examination Gloves
    • Oxygen Masks
    • IV Dressings
    • Alcohol Swabs
    • Surgical Scrub & Handwash
    • Crepe, Compression & Adhesive Bandage
    • Suction Catheter
    • Rapid Testing Kits
    • Scalp Vein Sets
    • Foley Catheter
    • Ethicon Endo Surgery Ligamax Applier
    • BD Hub Cutter
    • Sutures India Truloop Ligature
    • 3M Littmann Cardiology IV Stethoscope
    • Viggoflon Safety IV Cannula
    • Becton Dickinson Spinal Needle
    • BPL Orthopedic Heating Belt
    • SD Bioline Dengue Test Kit
    • Romsons Romo Seal Under Water Seal Drainage System
    • Smith & Nephew Cica-Care Silicon Get Sheet
    • Dispo Van Syringe with Needle - 2ml
    • Fine Surgicals Starsilk Braided Suture
    • Smart Medical Buyer
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  • 582 <H5>
    • 3M Littmann Classic II Paediatric
    • 3M Littmann Classic II Infant
    • 3M Littmann Cardiology III
    • 3M Littmann Master Cardiology
    • 3M Littmann Classic III
    • 3M Littmann Master Classic II
    • 3M Littmann Electronic
    • 3M Littmann Cardiology IV
    • Srishti Classic II
    • Srishti Heart Messenger
    • Srishti Heart Beat
    • Enbee
    • Enbee Rappaport
    • Pulsewave Prestige Cardiology
    • Pulsewave Prestigelite Multi-Utility
    • Pulsewave Cardiac I S.S.
    • Pulsewave Perfect S.S II
    • Pulsewave Paediatone I S.S. Paediatric
    • Pulsewave Paediapal Paediatric & Infant
    • Pulsewave Spirit GP
    • BPL 120/80 B8
    • Disha Mercury Type
    • Diamond Mercurial Type
    • Romsons BPX Digital
    • Romsons Aneroid
    • Romsons BP-10 Digital
    • Romsons Mercury Free
    • Romsons Dial Check
    • Romsons DIALEX Dial Type
    • Niscomed Mercury Free
    • Niscomed Mercurial
    • Niscomed Digital
    • Niscomed Aneroid
    • BPL 120/80 B5
    • BPL 120/80 B7
    • BPL 120/80 B3
    • BPL 120/80 B1
    • Enbee Digital
    • Diamond Dial Type
    • Diamond Clock Model
    • Fine Surgicals Stargut Sutures
    • Fine Surgicals Stargut Sutures
    • Fine Surgicals Starlon Sutures
    • Fine Surgicals Starlene Sutures
    • Fine Surgicals Starcryl Sutures
    • Sutures India Trugut Sutures
    • Sutures India Trugut Sutures
    • Sutures India Trusteel Suture
    • Covidien Biosyn Sutures
    • Covidien Caprosyn Sutures
    • Covidien Maxon Sutures
    • Covidien Monosof Sutures
    • Covidien Polysorb Sutures
    • Covidien Surgipro Sutures
    • Covidien Ticron Sutures
    • Covidien V-Loc 180 Suture Device
    • Covidien V-Loc 90 Suture Device
    • Covidien V-Loc PBT Suture Device
    • Covidien Surgilon Sutures
    • Covidien Surgipro II Sutures
    • Trupoly PF Sterile Surgical
    • Truskin Sterile Surgical
    • Truskin Non Sterile Latex Surgical
    • Bellcross Disposable PVC Plastic
    • Bellcross Non Sterile Latex Examination
    • Bellcross Non Sterile Nitrile Examination
    • Bellcross Sterile Latex Surgical
    • Feather Touch Non Sterile Latex Examination
    • Real Touch Sterile Latex Surgical
    • Medi-Norm Non Sterile Latex Examination
    • Medi-Norm Paper Plastic
    • Romsons Nitri Pro Nitrile Non Sterile
    • Romsons Surgi Grip Sterile Latex Surgical
    • Romsons Protecto Sterile Latex Examination
    • Sara+Care Non Sterile Latex Examination
    • Kaltex Non Sterile Latex Examination
    • Surgicare Sterile Latex Surgical
    • Healflon IV Cannula
    • Healflon Safety IV Cannula
    • Healvan IV Cannula
    • ATPL TEFLO IV Cannula
    • ATPL NEOTEF IV Cannula
    • Biomed BioFlon IV Cannula
    • Biomed Neo Kath IV Cannula
    • Romsons Triflon IV Cannula
    • Romsons Micron IV Cannula
    • Romsons Neo Cath IV Cannula
    • Viggoflon IV Cannula
    • Viggovein IV Cannula
    • Viggoflon Safety IV Cannula
    • Harsoria 3 Way Stopcock
    • ATPL 3 Way Stopcock
    • Biomed Safeways 3 Way Stopcock
    • ViggoWay 3 Way Stopcock
    • Harsoria Lipid Resistant 3 Way Stopcock
    • Biomed Stopcock with Extension Tube
    • ATPL XT Stopcock with Extension Tube
    • Trupace Pacing Wire
    • ClearCath Coronary Diagnostic Catheter
    • ClearControl Coronary Control Syringe
    • ClearFold Manifold
    • ClearHunter Aspiration Catheter
    • ClearID Inflation Device
    • ClearNeedle Transseptal Needle
    • Relisys Ananth Radial Diagnostic Catheter
    • Arrow Femoral Introducer Sheath
    • Arrow Intra Aortic Balloon Pump Catheter
    • Relisys Veda+R SC PTCA Semi Compliant Balloon
    • Relisys Veda+R NC PTCA Non Compliant Balloon
    • ClearConnector PTCA Y Connector
    • Newtech Embolectomy Catheters
    • ClearBand RA Radial Closure Band
    • ClearNeedle Introducer Needle
    • Clearline Non Compliant PTCA Balloon
    • Clearline Semi Compliant PTCA Balloon
    • ClearNeedle Y Shape Introducer Needle
    • ClearSheath Femoral Introducer Sheath
    • Bellcross Anti Static Anaesthesia Face Mask
    • Bellcross Silicon Anaesthesia Face Mask
    • Bellcross Adult Oxygen Mask
    • ATPL Oxygen Mask
    • ATPL Paediatric Oxygen Mask
    • Bellcross Paediatric Oxygen Mask
    • Airomask Oxygen Mask
    • Airomask Paediatric Oxygen Mask
    • Airomultiflow Venturi Mask
    • Airoventuri Venturi Mask
    • Airocon High Concentration Oxygen Mask Adult
    • Flexi Mask Oxygen Mask
    • Hi Mask High Concentration Oxygen Mask
    • Excell Laryngeal Mask
    • Airways Silicone Anaesthesia Face Mask
    • Airopap Full Face Mask
    • Airopap CPAP Nasal Mask
    • Niscomed Oxygen Mask
    • Airways Silicone Laryngeal Mask
    • Romsons Silken Laryngeal Mask
    • Sterizen Hand Sanitizer
    • Cutashield Hand Sanitizer
    • Germiclean 5.5 Surgical Hand Wash
    • Germiclean Disinfectant Gel Hand Sanitizer IP 70%
    • Germiclean Hand Sanitizer Gel IP 70%
    • Germiclean Hygienic Formula CHG Hand Sanitizer
    • Sterijet Plus Hand Sanitizer
    • Avagard CHG 0.5% w/v Hand Sanitizer
    • Avagard D Hand Sanitizer (61% w/v Ethyl Alchohol)
    • Avagard Surgical Hand Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer
    • Avagard Hand Sanitizer
    • Microshield Hand Sanitizer
    • Desmanol MCT Hand Sanitizer
    • Microshield PVP Surgical Handwash 7.5% w/v
    • DSterirub Hand Sanitizer
    • Avagard Surgical Scrub CHG 4%
    • Avagard Surgical Scrub PVP 7.5% w/v
    • Microshield Surgical Scrub 4% CHG
    • Pipscrub PVP Skin Prep Solution USP 7.5%
    • Schuelke Hair & Body Wash
    • Ribbel 3 Way Foley Catheter
    • Rusch 3 Way Foley Catheter
    • Silko Cath Silicone Foley Catheter Paediatric
    • Uro Cath 3 Way Latex Foley Catheter
    • Uro Cath Paediatric Foley Catheter
    • Fix O Cath Foley Catheter Holder
    • Trucath 2 Way Foley Catheter
    • Folycath 2 Way Latex Foley Catheter
    • Ribbel 2 Way Foley Catheter
    • Rusch 2 Way Foley Catheter
    • Uro Cath 2 Way Latex Foley Catheter
    • Foley Trac 2 Way Silicone Coated Foley Catheter
    • Silko Cath Silicone Foley Catheter Adult
    • Bactiguard BIP Foley Catheter
    • Uniflo Premium Urine Bag
    • Urometric Urine Bag
    • ATPL Paediatric Urine Bag
    • Urometer Paediatric Urine Bag
    • Urometer Plus Urine Bag
    • Romsons Paediatric Urine Bag
    • Hipore Surgical Tape
    • Hipore Plus Paper Surgical Tape
    • Velsilk Silk Adhesive Tape
    • Velpore Paper Surgical Tape, Bulk
    • Velpore-T Transparent Surgical Tape
    • Velpore-SR Paper Surgical Tape
    • Enbee Surgical Tape
    • Healoplast Adhesive Tape
    • Healopore Surgical Tape
    • Dr. Sabharwals Diclofenac Patch
    • Dr. Sabharwals Ketoprofen Patch
    • Velpore Paper Surgical Tape, Dispenser
    • Medipore Soft Cloth Surgical Tape
    • Vivon Non Sterile Gauze Cloth
    • Vivon Non Sterile Gauze Swab
    • Vivon Rolled Bandage
    • Steri Strip Reinforced Skin Closures Strips
    • Steri Strip Wound Closure System
    • Romsons Alcohol Swab
    • Enbee Disposable Alcohol Swab
    • Dispo Van Syringe, 1ml Luer Mount
    • Dispo Van Syringe, 2ml Luer Mount
    • Dispo Van Syringe, 3ml Luer Mount
    • Dispo Van Syringe, 5ml Luer Mount
    • Dispo Van Syringe, 10ml Luer Mount
    • Dispo Van Syringe, 20ml Luer Mount
    • Unolok Syringe, 2ml Luer Lock
    • Unolok Syringe, 3ml Luer Lock
    • Unolok Syringe, 5ml Luer Lock
    • Unolok Syringe, 10ml Luer Lock
    • Unolok Syringe, 20ml Luer Lock
    • Dispo Van Hypodermic Needle
    • Scalp Van Scalp Vein Set
    • Unolok Scalp Vein Set
    • Glass Van Surgical Blade
    • Techno Cut Surgical Scalpel
    • Unolok Syringe without Needle
    • Dispo Van Syringe without Needle
    • Cathy IV Cannula
    • Kitkath+ IV Cannula
    • Dermator Neo Skin Stapler
    • Prosorb Round Body Surgical Mesh
    • Pledgets
    • Umbilical Cotton Tape
    • Trubond Polyester Sutures
    • Truglyde Fast Polyglycolic Sutures
    • Monoglyde Polyglecaprone 25 Sutures
    • Trulene Lapromesh Surgical Mesh
    • Trulene Macropore Surgical Mesh
    • Truloop Loop Ligature
    • Truseal Tissue Adhesive
    • Trusilk Braided Silk Suture
    • Trusynth Polyglactin 910 Sutures
    • Trusynth Fast 910 Sutures
    • Trusynth Plus 910 Sutures
    • Truwax Bone Wax
    • X-Tract Skin Staple Remover
    • Trulene Monofilament Sutures
    • Hernia Suture Kit
    • OB Suture Kit
    • FT Infant Feeding Tube, Poly Pack
    • XD Male External Catheter
    • MX Infant Mucus Extractor
    • Safecan Urine Culture Bottle
    • FT Infant Feeding Tube, Paper Pouch
    • RT Ryles Tube
    • BT Blood Administration Set
    • Nano IV Set, Non Vented Tube
    • Eco IV Set, Non Vented Tube
    • Eco Plus IV Set, Non Vented Bulb
    • XL IV Set with Airway
    • Ora IV Set, Non Vented Bulb
    • Gem IV Set with Y Site
    • Vent Pink IV Set, Vented Bulb
    • Vent Blue IV Set with Y Site
    • Guedel Airway
    • Neoline Paediatric IV Set
    • Neodrip Paediatric IV Set with Y Site
    • Bedpan
    • Urinal
    • IV 3000 Transparent IV Dressing
    • Primapore Dressing Pad
    • Melolin Absorbent Dressing
    • Bactigras Antiseptic Dressing
    • Opsite Post-op Composite Dressing
    • Jelonet Paraffin Gauze Dressing
    • Cica-Care Silicone Adhesive Sheet
    • Opsite Flexifix Film Dressing Roll
    • Opsite Incise Drape
    • Opsite Flexigrid Film Dressing
    • Ethicon Curved Intraluminal Circular Stapler - Endoscopic
    • Ligaclip Endoscopic Clips & Appliers
    • Endopath XCEL Bladeless Trocar
    • Endopath XCEL Dialating Tip Trocar
    • Endopath BASX Bladeless Trocar
    • Endosurgery Generator & Accessories
    • Proximate Linear Cutter
    • Ethicon Proximate (TL) Reloadable Linear Stapler
    • Ethicon Endo Proximate Hemorrhoidal Stapler (PPH Set)
    • Proximate Plus Skin Stapler
    • Proximate Staple Extractor
    • Endopath XCEL Trocar Sleeve
    • Endopath BASX Trocar Sleeve
    • Flexipath Thoracic Trocars
    • Ultra Veress Insufflation Needle
    • Harmonic Focus Plus Shears
    • Enseal G2 Straight Tissue Sealer
    • Endopath XCEL Bladeless Trocar
    • Enseal G2 Curved Tissue Sealer
    • Enseal G2 Articulating Tissue Sealer
    • Monocryl Plus Poliglecaprone 25 Sutures
    • Mersutures Catgut Chromic Sutures
    • PDS II Polydioxanone Sutures
    • PDS Plus Polydioxanone Sutures
    • Vicryl Plus Polyglactin 910 Sutures
    • Vicryl Polyglactin 910 Braided Sutures
    • Vicryl Rapide Polyglactin 910 Sutures
    • Monocryl Poliglecaprone 25 Sutures
    • Prolene Polypropylene Sutures
    • Ethibond Excel Polyester Sutures
    • Ethilon Nylon Sutures
    • Mersilene Polyester Sutures
    • Mersilk Braided Silk Sutures
    • Prolene Hernia Patch
    • Ultrapro Hernia Patch
    • Bone Wax
    • Velcool Compression Bandage
    • Softpad Eye Pad
    • Softpad Dressing Pad
    • Softlaps Non Sterile Lap Sponge
    • Velfix-Easy IV Dressing
    • Velfix-Easy+ Pad Dressing Pad
    • Silvel Silver Coated Barrier Dressing
    • Velfix-T Transparent IV Dressing
    • Velsoft Crepe Bandage
    • Velsoft-Plus Cohesive Compression Bandage
    • Cokomp Cohesive Compression Bandage
    • Velkomp Compression Bandage
    • Velsoft Cohesive Compression Bandage
    • Velsoft Elastic Adhesive Bandage
    • Velsoft FR Adhesive Bandage
    • Velform-C Retention Bandage
    • Velfour Venous Ulcer Bandaging System
    • Softpack Dressing Kit
    • Velsoft-V Non Sterile Crepe Bandage
    • Softlaps Sterile Lap Sponge
    • Dignity Adult Diaper
    • Majesty Adult Diaper
    • Aeromac Nebulizer & Mask Set
    • Sorenil Pressure Mattress
    • Cell Mat Pressure Mattress
    • Tempteller Infra Forehead Type Thermometer
    • Tempteller Plus Thermometer
    • Respirometer Spirometer
    • Dermark Surgical Marker
    • Surgical Cap
    • Disposable Gown
    • Reliefe Hot/Cold Compress Pack
    • Mattey Under Pad
    • Mattey Pro Under Pad
    • Oxee Check Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter
    • Romo Check Plus Glucometer
    • Romo Check Gluco Blood Glucose Test Strips
    • Trimmer Disposable Skin Prep Razor
    • Power Drool Nebulizer Cup & Mask Set
    • Colostomy Kit
    • Emerald Syringe , 2ml
    • Emerald Syringe , 3ml
    • Emerald Syringe , 5ml
    • Emerald Syringe , 10ml
    • Emerald Pro Syringe, 2ml
    • Emerald Pro Syringe, 3ml
    • Emerald Pro Syringe, 5ml
    • Emerald Pro Syringe, 10ml
    • Emerald Syringe , 2ml Luer Slip
    • Emerald Syringe , 5ml Luer Slip
    • Emerald Syringe , 10ml Luer Slip
    • Venflon IV Cannula
    • Venflon Pro IV Cannula
    • Neoflon IV Cannula
    • Venflon Pro Safety IV Cannula
    • Precision Glide Hypodermic Needle
    • Syringe Without Needle
    • Hub Cutter
    • Sharps Collector
    • Alcohol Swab
    • Micropore Paper Surgical Tape, Bulk
    • Transpore Plastic Surgical Tape
    • Durapore Silk Surgical Tape
    • Medipore Soft Cloth Surgical Tape
    • Crepe Bandage
    • Elastic Adhesive Bandage
    • IV Transparent Dressing
    • Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film
    • Coban Cohesive Bandage
    • Nexcare Reusable Hot/Cold Pack
    • Opticlude Orthoptic Eye Patch
    • Tegaderm Composite Dressing
    • Tegaderm Transparent Dressing
    • Surgical Clipper
    • Ioban Incise Drape
    • Electrosurgical Patient Plate
    • Monitoring Electrode
    • ECG Electrode
    • Micropore Paper Surgical Tape, Rolls
    • Scotchcast Plus Casting Tape
    • BPL Smart Oxy Pulse Oximeter
    • Niscomed Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter
    • Niscomed CPAP Machine
    • Niscomed Bi-Pap Machine
    • Bellcross Spirometer
    • ATPL Resp-o-meter Spirometer
    • Airociser Spirometer
    • Respicare Spirometer
    • Niscomed Spirometer
    • Datt Velnet Cotton Stockinette
    • Dr. Sabharwals Stockinette
    • Romsons Male External Catheter
    • Bellcross Under Pad - 60X90 cm
    • Bellcross Disposable Bed Cover
    • Bellcross Plastic Bed Sheet
    • Bellcross PVC Bed Sheet
    • Bellcross Cervical Collar
    • Niscomed Cervical Collar
    • Romsons Reliefe Hot/Cold Compress
    • Enbee Hot Water Bag
    • Baxter Tisseel Kit Fibrin Sealant
    • Reliseal Fibrin Sealant
    • UzeOnce MVR Knives
    • Prosafe Crescent Knives
    • Prosafe MVR Knives
    • UzeOnce Crescent Knives
    • UzeOnce Slit/Keratome Knives
    • Prosafe Slit/Keratome Knives
    • UzeOnce Sponge Point
    • UzeOnce Sponge Eye Wick
    • UzeOnce Eye Shield
    • Dr. Sabharwals Oval Eye Pad
    • Bellcross Eye Drape
    • OcxyLon Sodium Hyaluronate Solution
    • OptiBlu Trypan Blue Solution
    • Optichol Carbhachol Miotic Solution
    • OcuCain Proparacaine Hcl Solution USP
    • OptiGlo Fluorescein Sodium Strips
    • OpStrip Schirmer Tear Test Strips
    • TestBlu Schirmer Tear Test Strips with Blue Band
    • Sutures India AVR Suture Kit
    • Sutures India CABG Suture Kit
    • Sutures India MVR Suture Kit
    • Newtech CTVS Y-Connector
    • Newtech CTVS Y-Connector Kit
    • Romsons Snugger Set
    • Romsons ACP Cannula
    • Romo Seal Drainage System
    • Romo Drain Drainage System
    • Affinity NT Adult Oxygenator
    • Affinity Trillum NT Adult Oxygenator
    • Affinity Adult Arterial Filter
    • Affinity Pixie Paediatric Arterial Filter
    • Minimax Plus Paediatric Oxygenator
    • Affinity Pixie Oxy Paediatric Oxygenator
    • Myotherm Cardioplegia Delivery System
    • Niscomed Single Channel ECG Machine
    • Niscomed 12 Channel ECG Machine
    • Niscomed 3 Channel ECG Machine
    • Niscomed 6 Channel ECG Machine
    • RadPad Interventional Shield
    • RadPad Peripheral Shield
    • RadPad No Brainer Cap
    • RadPad Femoral Entry Shield
    • RadPad Fenestrated Radial Access Shield
    • RadPad Left Subclavian Shield
    • Newtech ClearKit Angio Kit
    • Newtech ClearKit PTCA Kit
    • Arrow ECG Electrode
    • Arrow Monitoring Electrode
    • Romsons Kenny 1800 ECG Electrode
    • Cardioprint ECG Paper - GE
    • Cardioprint ECG Paper Philips
    • Cardioprint ECG Paper - Welch Allyn
    • Cardioprint ECG Paper - Aspen
    • Cardioprint ECG Paper - BPL
    • Cardioprint ECG Paper - Schiller
    • Arrow ECG Paper - Schiller
    • Arrow ECG Paper - Phillips
    • Arrow ECG Paper - GE
    • Harsoria AV Fistula Needle
    • Newtech UneFist AV Fistula Needle
    • Harsoria Transducer Protector
    • Covidien AbsorbaTack Fixation Device
    • Covidien Protack Fixation Device
    • Covidien Surgipro Mesh
    • Covidien Parietex Mesh
    • Covidien Parietene Flat Mesh
    • Covidien Parietene Composite Mesh
    • Harsoria Hemodialysis Catheter Kit
    • Newtech Dialysis Guidewire
    • Arrow Acute Hemodialysis Catheter Kit
    • Romsons Dialysis Guidewire
    • Romsons Hemodialysis Catheter Kit
    • ATPL Nelaton Catheter
    • Romsons Nelaton Catheter
    • ATPL U-Cath Urethral Catheter
    • Romsons Urosis Urethral Catheter
    • G Surgiwear Penile Implant
    • G Surgiwear Synthetic Testis Implants
    • Endo Flexipath Thoracic Trocars
    • BASX Bladeless Trocar
    • XCEL Bladeless Trocar
    • XCEL Universal Sleeve Trocar
    • BASX Universal Sleeve Trocar
    • XCEL Bladeless Trocar Optiview
    • XCEL Dialating Tip Trocar Optiview
    • XCEL Blunt Tip Trocar Optiview
    • XCEL Universal Sleeve Trocar Optiview
    • Ligaclip Multi Patient Single Clip Applier
    • Ligamax Single Patient Multiple Clip Applier
    • Ligaclip Single Patient Multi Clip Applier
    • Ligaclip Extra Ligating Clips
    • Enseal Trio Tissue Sealer
    • Enseal G2 Straight Tissue Sealer
    • Enseal Round Tip Tissue Sealer
    • Enseal G2 Curved Tissue Sealer
    • Enseal G2 Articulating Tissue Sealer
    • Enseal G2 Super Jaw Tissue Sealer
    • Ultra Veress Insufflation Needle
    • Epi Cath Epidural Catheter
    • Epi Kit Epidural Anaesthesia Set
    • Romsons Epidural Needle
    • BD Quincke Spinal Needle
    • Romsons Spinal Needle
    • Romsons Guedel Airways
    • Airophar Guedel Airway
    • Intersurgical Guedel Airway
    • Romsons Nasopharyngeal Airway
    • Airways Nasopharyngeal Airway
    • Airoprong Nasal Cannula
    • Intersurgical Nasal Cannula
    • Niscomed Nasal Cannula
    • ATPL T-Bore Oxy Set
    • Romsons Oxy Set
    • Airomount Catheter Mount
    • Intersurgical Catheter Mount
    • Romsons Catheter Mount
    • Intersorb Plus Soda Lime
    • Softpack Dressing Kit - (Small)
    • Softpack Dressing Kit - (Large)
    • Bellcross Abdominal Belt
    • Niscomed Mouldable Splint
    • Niscomed Finger Splint
    • Niscomed Limb Splint
    • Bellcross Sacro Lumbar Belt
    • Dr. Sabharwals Skin Traction Bandage
    • BPL Orthopaedic Heating Belt
    • Nanotherapeutic Knee Cooling Pad
    • Nanotherapeutic Back/Hip Cooling Pad
    • Romsons Heating Under Pad
    • CPO Cervical Collar
    • CPO Elbow Brace
    • CPO Silicone Insole
    • CPO Silicone Heel Pad
    • CPO Wrist Brace
    • CPO Wrist Immobilizer
    • CPO Abdominal Belt - Biege
    • CPO Bunion Shield with Loop
    • SD Bioline Dengue Test Kit
    • SD Bioline Malaria P.f/P.v Test Kit
    • Aspen HIV Test Kit
    • Aspen HBSAG Test Kit
    • Aspen VDRL Syphilis Test Kit
    • SD H.Pylori Antibody Test Kit
    • SD Chikungunya Test Kit
    • ClearGun Semi-Automatic Biopsy Gun
    • ClearNeedle Manual Biopsy Needle
    • Ribbel Biopsy Punch
    • Mr. Inject Hypodermic Needle
    • BD Precision Glide Hypodermic Needle
    • Romsons Hypodermic Needle
    • Bellcross Mucus Extractor
    • Romsons Infant Mucus Extractor
    • Romsons Mucus Trap Mucus Extractor
    • Alere G1 Blood Glucometer
    • LifeScan One Touch Select Plus
    • BT Gem Blood Administration Set
    • RMS Blood Administration Set
    • ULV Micro Fogger Machine
    • Bellcross Biomedical Bags
    • Bellcross Disposable Full Body Suit
    • Bellcross Disposable Pyjama
    • Bellcross Disposable Shirt
    • Bellcross Disposable Shoe Cover
    • Sterixx Sterilization Tray
    • Medi-Norm IV Cannula Fixator
    • Soflene IV Cannula Fixator
    • Canu Fix IV Cannula Fixator
    • Harsoria Combi Luer Lock
    • Harsoria Injection Stopper
    • BD Alcohol Swab
    • MAK Alcohol Swab
    • Bellcross Disposable Gown
    • 3M Disposable Gown
    • Romsons Disposable Gown
    • Bellcross Disposable Apron
    • Bellcross Reusable Apron
    • 3M Comply Autoclave Tape
  • 0 <H6>
The <h1> to <h6> tags are used to define HTML headings. The <h1> tag should hold the title describing the content of a specific page therefore only one h1 tag is needed per page. There can be any number of h2 - h6 tags but they should be added in order of importance (


The <!DOCTYPE> declaration tells the web browser about what version of HTML the page is written in. It is good practice to always add the <!DOCTYPE> declaration to the HTML documents, so that the browser knows what type of document to expect. (

Character Encoding

UTF-8 (Unicode)
Covers: Worldwide
To display an HTML page correctly, the browser must know what character-set to use (


Declared Language: en-US (English)
Language Attribute: en-US (English)
The HTML "lang" attributes and language metatag define the base language to be used for displaying text and characters on a Website.

W3C Markup Validation

Status: FAILED [2 errors, 0 warning(s)]
It is good practice to use valid HTML/XHTML markup as it ensures that the search engines can read the website correctly as well as it improves cross browser compatibility (W3C Markup Validation Service).

Deprecated HTML elements

Good, no deprecated elements found.
A deprecated element is one that has been outdated by newer constructs. Deprecated elements may become obsolete in future versions of HTML so it is recommended not to use them. (

Nested HTML Tables

Great, no nested tables detected.
In general it is not recommended to use nested tables or to utilize tables for page layout. Nested tables are known to cause performance issues due to increased HTML size and rendering time. It is better to use CSS layout instead.

Web Analytics

Yes, we have detected following web analytics tools:
  • Google analytics icon Google™ Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel icon Facebook Pixel
Web Analytics Tools collect and measure information about visitor activity on a website. Well interpreted web traffic data is invaluable in determining a successfully web strategy and assessing the effectiveness of a website. At a minimum, we recommend to utilize at least one web analytics tool.



Your robots.txt file is blocking search engines access to parts of the website.

User-agent: GoogleBot
  • Disallow: /Cmspages/our_reach
  • Disallow: /Cmspages/hmd
  • Disallow: /img/catalogues/*
See all 28 disallow directives
A robots.txt file restricts access to search engine robots that crawl the web. (

XML Sitemap

Found following XML sitemap(s):
Sitemaps inform search engines about pages available for crawling. In its simplest form, a Sitemap is an XML file that lists URLs for a site along with additional metadata about each URL. XML sitemap should help search engines to crawl the site more intelligently. (

Accessibility Check

Data could not be obtained.
Following Web accessibility standards while developing a website can help users with specific needs, such as visually impaired, motor/mobility, auditory, seizures, as well as cognitively and intellectually impaired disabilities. Some of these fixes include general seo applications like Alt tags, Form labels, fixing empty links and adding alternative text. To read more about accessibility guidelines follow this link Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Overview.

Mobile Rendering

Mobile internet usage has been exceeding PC's since 2014 and growing so it is critical for pages to render correctly on mobile devices.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile PageSpeed analyzes webpages and evaluates its performance while providing suggestions on reducing page load times. Google is incorporating website speed in search ranking (

Mobile Experience

Mobile users have now become a critical part of online visits. Making the website mobile friendly is no longer an option but rather necessity. (


size: 16px  by  16px
type: image/x-icon
The Favicon is a small icon associated with a website. The Favicon is important because it is displayed next to the website's URL in the address bar of the browser as well as in bookmarks and shortcuts. (

Custom 404 Error Page

Yes, custom 404 error page detected.
A 404 is a standard http response code for a resource that cannot be located on the server. Webservers usually return a "404 Not Found" error page for non-existing pages. Unfortunately, these default error pages are very generic and a not very user friendly, therefore, using a custom 404 error page is highly recommended.

Process of returning http status code "200 OK" for a non-existent page or redirecting users to another url is called soft 404. Soft 404 errors are problematic for search engines and are not advisable. (


Great, you are using print-friendly CSS:
Print-friendly pages are designed to fit on an 8.5"x11" or A4 sheet and usually include only the content of the page, along with source information. (

W3C CSS Validation

Data could not be obtained.
It is recommended to use valid CSS to ensure that the website displays correctly. (W3C CSS Validation Service).

Domain Age

Your domain was registerd for the first time: 2 years, 2 months, 11 days ago.
Age of the domain is one of the many signals that search engines utilize for ranking. Brand new domains generally have more difficult time to rank high for the first few months. (

Domain Expiration

Your domain expires in: 9 months, 19 days, 13 hours.
Domain expiration far in to the future is considered a good practice as it promotes confidence in your website, decreases chances of losing domain and in certain cases might help with search engine ranking. (

IP Canonicalization

No, your site's IP does not redirect to
Some web spiders index websites using IP as well as domain name which can cause duplicate content if there is no IP Canonicalization. (

URL Canonicalization

Yes, both the and resolve to the same URL.
Domain name with WWW and without can be considered as different pages causing duplicate content for search engines. (

Page Speed

Google Page Speed score: 65% (Average)
Rq. Requests Hst. Hosts LT Load time Html Img Images JS JavaScript CSS F Flash O Other PS Page Size
123128.27s242.1 KB1.4 MB1.65 MB377.26 KB0 B86.03 KB3.75 MB

Avoid landing page redirects
Enable compression
Leverage browser caching
Reduce server response time
Minify CSS
Minify HTML
Minify JavaScript
Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content
Optimize images
Prioritize visible content

Subscribe for more details
PageSpeed analyzes webpages and evaluates its performance while providing suggestions on reducing page load times. Google is now incorporating website speed in search ranking (

Server Information


RackBank Datacenters Private
Server IP:
Server Location:
IN MADHYA PRADESH, Indore (Old Palasia)

Name Server 1: (
Name Server 2: (
Your server's IP address and location have minor impact on the country specific SEO. It is recommend to host the website in the country where the number of vistors is desired to be the highest. Search engines take the geolocation of a server into account. (


Issued To:
Common Name (CN):
Common Name (CN):
COMODO RSA Organization Validation Secure Server CA
Oranization (O):
Period of Validity
Begins On:
Expires On:
Google™ is now treating HTTPS as a ranking signal. HTTPS is a secure web protocol that allows for encrypted communication between website and the client. HTTPS protocol requires your website to have an SSL certificate, which can be purchased from a Certificate Authority (CA) or SSL vendor. (

Safe Browsing

Safe Browsing is a service provided by Google that enables applications to check URLs against Google's constantly updated lists of suspected phishing and malware pages. If your site is marked as unsafe see our guide on how to fix websites blocked by google safe browsing

Spam Blacklist

Good, your IP is not blacklisted.
Spammer directories provide lists of IPs from which spam distribution is reported. Emails sent from the blocked IPs are subject to closer scrutiny and are much less likely to be delivered. For email campaigns it is recommended to utilize professional email services to ensure that your website IP is not blocked. (

Email Address Obfuscation

There are 2 emails in plain text on the webpage:
  • [email protected]
  • [email protected]
It is recommended to obfuscate email addresses posted in public. This prevents email addresses from being automatically harvested by spam bots which helps to decrease number of unsolicited emails. See our email obfuscation techniques guide for more details.

Directory Browsing

Great, your server has directory browsing disabled.
Protect Webserver directories from unwanted browsing. To enhance security, directory browsing should be disabled unless you have a specific reason to enable it. If you enable directory browsing, make sure that you only enable it on the particular directory or directories that you want to share. (

Whois Privacy

No contact information available.
Whois Privacy is a service that prevents domain owner contact information from being displayed in the publicly available Whois records. This can help to cut down on unwanted spam but utilizing Whois privacy should be evaluated against business model and branding strategy.

Server Signature

Good, your server does not provide version information.
Attackers can utilize server signature versioning information to their advantage therefore it is recommended to disable it when possible. (Disable server signature for Apache or IIS).